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House Across Borders Lommel 

"Centre for Education, Meeting and Accommodation"

Who are we?

House Across Borders Lommel is a facility within the youth work of the German War Grave Commission and is in the direct vicinity of the German military cemetery of Lommel. 39.108 victims of the First and Second World War have a last resting place here. On one hand, the House is an educational centre. On the other it’s a group accommodation which offers guests 67 beds, a kitchen with dining room and a conference room and free time area. All this is situated in the woody surroundings of Kattenbos. You can find more information about the accommodation or the educational offer on this website. Please visit our Facebookpage for more images!

What do we do?

  • Organizing projects and activities for both youths and adults concerning peace- and remembrance education.
  • Offering the accommodation to either projectgroups and to groups who don´t take part in a specific project about peace- and remembrance education (sport groups, youth associations, etc.).
  • Organizing national or international exchange- or meetingprojects (for instance themeweeks or summer camps) for school- or youthgroups. 
  • Helping relatives in their search for deceased familymembers from both World Wars.
  • To inform or advise relatives or researchers regarding fallen German soldiers, buried at Lommel.